1967 Camaro

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1967 Camaro

Introduced two years after the success of the Ford Mustang, starting what is now the most popular rivalry in muscle car history. The Camaro first debuted on September 26, 1966. Derived from a French word meaning “comrade” or “pal”, Camaro found its way to the hearts of enthusiasts.

Chevrolet produced 220,906 Camaro’s in 1967. The total included 58,761 6-cylinder (I-6) cars and 162,145 V8 engine-powered Camaro’s. The cars were built at the Norwood, Ohio and Van Nuys, California plant. Norwood, Ohio produced 154,698 Camaro’s while Van Nuys, California built 65,008. In addition, 1,200 Camaro’s were prepared in Bloomfield, New Jersey for shipment overseas.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car



The 1967 Camaro RS/SS convertible with a 396 engine was selected as the pace car for the Indianapolis 500. A total of 104 convertible pace cars were built.



Since the Camaro's front sub-frame was large enough to hold big-block Chevy V-8 engines, Yenko ordered L-78 equipped SS Camaros and swapped in the Chevrolet Corvette's L-72 427ci 7.0-Liter V-8. The Yenko Camaro was equipped with a 4.10 rear end and heavy-duty suspension with an M21 or M22 transmission. Covering the engine, Yenko installed a fiberglass replacement hood similar to the "Stinger" hood featured on the 1967 big-block Corvette. Rated at 423 hp, an estimate of around 50 Camaro's were transformed.

1967 Yenko Camaro and 1969 COPO Camaro

Yenko Camaros were not allowed to race for Chevrolet on the drag strip because they were not made by Chevrolet. To account for this Chevrolet stepped up to build the COPO Camaro in 1969. COPO was short for Central Office Production Order. The COPO Camaros were equipped with the same 427ci engines and were now able to race for Chevrolet.

Badging Numbers:

Rally Sport: 64,842
Super Sport: 34,411
Z-28: 609



1967 Camaro – Early Model

Base L6: L26 230ci /140HP L6 1BC
Optional L6: L22 250ci /155HP L6 1BC
Base non-SS V8: LF7 327ci /210HP V8 2BC
Optional Higher HP non-SS V8: L30 327ci /275HP V8 4BC
SS Model: L48 350ci /295HP V8 4BC


1967 Camaro – Late Model

Base L6: L26 230ci /140HP L6 1BC
Optional L6: L22 250ci /155HP L6 1BC
Base non-SS V8: LF7 327ci /210HP V8 2BC
Optional Higher HP non-SS V8: L30 327ci /275HP V8 4BC
SS Models: L48 350ci /295HP V8 4BC
L35 396ci /325HP V8 4BC
L78 396ci /375HP V8 4BC
Z28 Model: Z28 302ci /290HP V8 4BC



(Z-28) 302/290bhp: 0-60 in 6.9 sec, 1/4 mile in 14.85 sec @ 101mph.
(SS350) 350/295: 1/4 mile in 15.4 seconds @ 90 mph.
(SS396) 396/325bhp: 0-60 in 6.0 sec, 1/4 mile in 14.5 sec @ 99mph.

1967 Camaro

1967 Camaro

1967 Camaro

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