2010 Camaro SS Borla Install

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SouthernCarParts.com took the liberty to create a "how to video" of a Borla exhaust system installation on the new 2010 Camaro SS. The video features install instructions with a before and after clip of the exhaust. The system is available through them for $1,212.95.



2010 Camaro Borla Exhaust

2010 Camaro Borla Exhaust Tip

Brand new from Borla, the 2010 Camaro Borla Catback Exhaust (140280) will give your 2010+ Chevy Camaro SS 6.7% additional flow and up to a 20 HP increase. This 2.5" system features polished, double wall tips, a high flow x-pipe, and is built from all 304 stainless steel. This Borla system features Borla's S-Type aggressive mufflers for a tone that will get you noticed! Borla makes two basic types of exhaust systems for the Camaro, sport "S type" and Touring. The Camaro Borla Sport system is the more agresssive sounding system and then the Touring system still provides for additional flow benefits over stock and a deeper exhaust note but not as aggressive sounding as the Borla Sport System. Includes the X-Pipe!


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