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1,000 HP Hennessey Camaro

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Hennessey HPE-1000 Camaro

Yup, that's right! Hennessey has created a 1,000 horsepower Camaro SS labeled as "The Big Bad American Wolf". The HPE1000 Camaro will boast a hefty 900-lbs of torque. The performance package is priced at $65,000, plus the cost of your Camaro.

The HPE1000 includes:

  • 7.0 Liter LSX V8
  • Twin Turbos
  • Air-to-Air Intercooler
  • High-Flow Cylinder Heads
  • Forged Aluminum Pistons
  • Forged Steel Connecting Rods and Crank
  • Custom Cam Shaft
  • Revised Intake Manifold
  • Fuel System
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Upgraded Six-Speed Gearbox with Twin Disc Clutch
  • Optional Heavy Duty Six-Speed Automatic Transmission

For an additional $60,000 (total of $125,000), Hennessey will complete the car with 20-inch monoblock wheels, Pirelli P Zero tires, KW adjustable coil-over suspension, Brembo performance brakes and the HPE CarbonAero body kit. In case you don't have a calculator handy, that's $125,000.

Unfortunately, there is an 8-week turnaround for the install. Too bad, because that's the only thing holding my back. Well that, the cost of the upgrade and the fact that I don't have a 2010 Camaro. By the way, donations are welcome!

If your interested in purchasing one, call Hennessey Performance at (979) 885-1300 and tell them F-body Addict sent you. =)

HPE1000 Hennessey Camaro

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